About US

The TechAInBiz is a newly set up media platform keen focus on Asia. Our mission is to bridge the gap in business news and lifestyle reporting for overseas audiences. The media landscape in Hong Kong is lacking in English media outlets, and we aim to fill this void by providing insightful news and analysis on business and lifestyle trends in the region.

Our team of founders brings extensive experience in the media industry, with more than 5+ years in various roles. We are committed to delivering accurate, timely and relevant news to our readers.

To ensure our content is of the highest quality, we have an editorial consultant based in Hong Kong who provides guidance on local issues and trends. Additionally, we have invested in AI technology to provide an AI reporter that can assist in generating news stories quickly and efficiently.

At The TechAInBiz, we are passionate about our mission and strive to provide our readers with the latest and most comprehensive news and analysis on business and lifestyle in Hong Kong.

Contact us: editor@techainbiz.com