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Dell Technologies Unveils 2024 Technology Forecast: AI Democratization, Modern Edge Expansion, and the Imperative of Zero Trust

Dell Technologies today presented its 2024 technology predictions, focusing on the democratization of artificial intelligence (AI), the expansion of modern edge computing, and the imperative need for Zero Trust in cybersecurity. The announcement was made at a media briefing covering China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan regions.

John Roese, Global Chief Technology Officer at Dell, led the briefing and shared insights on how these emerging trends are expected to shape the technology industry in the upcoming year. He also discussed Dell’s strategies for helping customers leverage these trends and seize innovation opportunities in the Greater China region.

Story Highlights

  • Generative AI is poised to transition from disruption to optimization, with the industry’s conversation shifting from theoretical to practical applications.
  • The “Edge Platform” approach is gaining traction. Companies and ecosystems are moving towards simpler, edge platform-centric models.
  • By 2024, Zero Trust infrastructure is anticipated to be a mandated reality across a broad spectrum of industries.
  • Dell stands as a unifier at the forefront of these technological and business growth opportunities, driving a data-centric future in Greater China through collaboration.

AI Takes Center Stage

John Roese emphasized that the dialogue around Generative AI (GenAI) is evolving from theoretical discussions to focus on practical implementations. He predicted that as we enter 2024, the first wave of GenAI enterprise projects will mature, revealing aspects of GenAI not previously understood. Enterprises will increasingly move from broad experimentation to strategically selecting a few GenAI projects with the potential for significant transformation.

Quantum Computing: The Future Backbone of AI

Looking further ahead, Roese highlighted that quantum computing is set to address the immense demand for computing resources required by GenAI and large-scale AI operations. Quantum computing is expected to significantly enhance AI system capabilities. The future computing foundation for modern AI is likely to be a hybrid system, with AI tasks distributed across diverse compute architectures, including quantum processing units.

The Expansion of Modern Edge and Multicloud

Roese shared that enterprises are recognizing two distinct approaches to building a modern edge: the proliferation of mono-edges or as a multicloud edge platform. He suggested that the latter is the way forward, with modern edge becoming an integral part of the multicloud infrastructure.

Zero Trust Fortifies the Frontier

“The year 2023 has been filled with conversations about Zero Trust and its importance in cybersecurity,” said Roese. As we approach 2024, he expects the concept of Zero Trust to move from a buzzword to being characterized by concrete technology, standards, and certifications, clarifying its true meaning and application.

Creating a Data-Driven Future Together

Despite challenges, Roese believes that Dell is strategically positioned to lead clients forward as a partner through guidance and collaboration. He calls for building digital unity and realizing digitally empowered ideas through cooperation. Dell aims to be a unifier, bringing together expertise, solutions, and partners to help customers create a data-driven future.