Tap & Go to participate in Hong Kong-Thailand cross-border retail payment service

Under HKT Payment Limited, the Tap & Go1 mobile wallet is supporting the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s FPS x PromptPay QR Payment service as one of the first digital wallets to participate in the linkage between Hong Kong’s FPS and Thailand’s PromptPay, launching a series of offers. From 4 December 2023, Tap & Go users can enjoy the new overseas payment experience while local merchants can accept PromptPay payments2 from Thai tourists via FPS

 (Left) Heidi Chan, Alternate Chief Executive, HKT Payment Limited; (Right) Monita Leung, CEO, HKT Digital Ventures

FX handling fees waived

PromptPay in Thailand is similar to FPS in Hong Kong – both are easy to use. Designated Tap & Go users3 can simply scan the FPS x PromptPay QR codes using their Tap & Go mobile wallets to make FPS payments at over 8 million merchants supporting PromptPay in Thailand, avoiding not only a trip to convert Hong Kong Dollars to Thai Baht but also the relevant handling fees. Tap & Go’s pay-as-you-go design and App-to-App top-up features4 give users flexible control over their spending and the ability to conveniently top up their e-wallets. 

Time-limited spending rebates

From 4 December 2023 to 31 January 2024 (both dates inclusive, “Promotion Period”), eligible users can earn up to HK$40 Stored Value Rebate5 by completing a total of six transactions with a cumulative spending of HK$300 or more (and a minimum of HK$50 spent in each transaction), enjoy HK$25 Stored Value Rebate for the first HK$50 spent by scanning the FPS x PromptPay QR code using Tap & Go’s “Scan to Pay” feature at merchants who accept PromptPay in Thailand. By enjoying offers while spending, users can make the most of their travels.